Galápagos 5 days

4 nights

Santa Cruz + Isabela

Day 1- Baltra - Santa Cruz

At the Seymour Airport in Baltra Island, the guides of the Galapagos National Park will wait for us to cross the Itabaca Channel where we will take private transport to the city of Puerto Ayora.

Check in at the hotel.


Welcome lunch.


In the afternoon we will do the tour to Tortuga Bay, famous for being a nesting place for black turtles. It is a tour in which you walk approximately 45 minutes to the beach of Tortuga Bay. We go through Playa Brava, where we can see sea iguanas, blue-footed boobies, pelicans, etc. and we reach Playa Mansa, a place where bathing is allowed and if we are lucky, we will be aroached by sharks taht visit the place to mate (they are not dangerous). The water is cloudy in Playa Mansa because it is an area of mangroves, but it is easy to see them if you stay in the water for a while.


Accommodation in hotel of the selected category in Puerto Ayora.


Day 2 - Santa Cruz - Isabela


Breakfast at the hotel.


Departure by boat at 07:00 from Puerto Ayora to arrive at Isabela Island at 09:00.


Accompanied by a naturalist guide, we will visit the Laguna de los Flamingos, the Wetlands and the Turtle Interpretation Center, where we can see how the endemic turtles of this island are raised.


We will visit the Muro de las Lágrimas (Wall of Tear) belonging to the Alemania Penal Colony of El Porvenir.



Visit to Concha Perla where we can snorkeling among endemic penguins of the island.


Accommodation in hotel of the selected category in Puerto Villamil.



Day 3 - Isabela - Cabo Rosa Tunnels

Option A

Breakfast at the hotel.


Tour to the Cabo Rosa Tunnels, also known as Tunnels of love.

We will leave the Isabela dock to arrive at the site known as Cabo Rosa Tunnels in approximately one hour.



In this place, the boat will travel the different paths through the tunnels to observe the volcanic landscape.



First of all, we go to Roca Unión, a small islet located in the open sea where you can see pelicans, Nazca boobies and blue footed boobies. Occasionally, you can see sea lions resting on the rocks



After this short stop, you will sail for about 45 minutes to reach one of the most beautiful rocky lava formations in the Galapagos Islands. Ancient volcanic eruptions collapsed on contact with seawater, giving rise to curious volcanic rock formations in the form of tunnels and arches over the water. A magical place with crystal clear waters where you can see countless animals such as sea lions, sea turtles, blue-footed boobies, lava lizards, Nazca boobies, brown pelicans, cactus finch, sea iguanas, etc.



Later, we moved to the site known as Finados to do snorkeling with sea turtles, “tintorera” sharks, golden rays, eagle rays, seahorses, goldfish such as surgeons, damsels, etc.



The tour includes lunch box on board and lasts approximately 5 hours.



In the afternoon we can do snorkeling in Concha Perla, take a kayak trip along the protected coast of Isabela or a bike ride or horseback riding to the Sucre Pirate Cave in the upper part of the island.


Accommodation at selected hotel  in Puerto Villamil.


Day 3 - Isabela - Sierra Negra Volcano

Option B

Breakfast at the hotel.

Hiking to the Sierra Negra Volcano. The largest active crater in the world you can visit.



Lunch box during the tour. Visit to the Chico Volcano. Accommodatio at selected hotel in Puerto Villamil.



Day 4 - Isabela - Santa Cruz



Early morning, we will departure from Isabela dock by speedboat to Puerto Ayora.


Reception and check in at the hotel of the selected category in Puerto Ayora.







Departure by boat to do the Bay Tour, where we can observe sea lions, frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies, etc.


We will visit Lobería Islet, Punta Estrada beach and Las Grietas. We will practice snorkeling.


In the afternoon, we will visit the upper part of the island. We will go into the Primicias Ranch where we will walk surrounded by giant tortoises in their natural habitat to later enter the Lava Tunnels, caverns formed by volcanic lava during the formation period of the archipielago.




Acommodation in hotel of the selected category in Puerto Ayora.


Day 5 - Santa Cruz - Baltra


Breakfast at the hotel.



Transfer in private vehicle from the hotel in Puerto Ayora to the Itabaca Channel, where we will take the barge that will take us to the Seymour Airport on the island of Baltra.


On the way we will make a brief stop to see the Twin Craters.



End of the trip.



Included in the price: 

* Accident insurance for all activities. 

* Sports equipment for all activities. (Goggles, tubes and fins for snorkeling, wetsuits for diving tours or cold waters, oxygen bottles, regulators, etc ...) 

* Tickets to museums and / or restricted areas. 

* Food described in the proposal. 

* Accommodation in a selected hotel within the Economic, Tourist, Superior Tourist or First categories and according to the accommodation requested. 

* Air tickets between islands when specified in the proposal. (San Cristóbal - Isabela / Isabela - San Cristóbal) 

* Private land and sea transportation. 

* Tour guides and certified diving and mountaineering instructors (when applicable). 

* Dive Master for Diving or Discovery tours. 

* Tour Leader for groups. 


Price does not include: 

* Airline tickets to the Galapagos Islands. 

* Entrance fee to the Galapagos National Park (USD 100) and municipal taxes for islands (USD 5). 

* Water taxis. 

* Food not described in the proposal.