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Endemica Tours organizes Adventure and Nature trips tailored to each group of passengers.

Here is a tour for USA people.

If you want a change, please write to or contact the representative of your country: Yolanda Paredes (


Día 1

Arrival of the group to the new Airport Mariscal Sucre in Quito.

Transfer from the airport to the lodge Kinde Raymi.

Check in.

Night Tour Quito. (Night visit to downtown Quito.)

Lodging at Hosteria Kinde Raymi.

Día 2

After breakfast at the hotel, and depending on the weather we will have two options to enjoy the first morning in Quito :

For lovers of art and History, we visit churches and museums in Quito, Cultural Heritage of Humanity .

For those who want to start the journey walking through the Andes , climb the cable car from Quito to 4,050 m. altitude and from there make a horseback ride almost to the top of the volcano Ruco Pichincha .

In the afternoon, we visit the Equator City Museum. Latitude 0 ° 0 '0', which literally can have one foot in the North hemisphere and one in the South.

Return to Quito to stay in our hotel.

Día 3

Breakfast at the Hotel from where we drive to Archidona, (province of Napo) in the Ecuadorian Amazon, making a stop at the hot springs of Papallacta;

Hydro-thermal water richness is because Papallacta is located between the volcanoes Cayambe and Antisana. Bath temperature varies between 30 ° and 70 ° C (86 ° to 158 ° F) and in the pools fluctuates between 36 ° and 40 ° C (97 ° to 104 ° F).

They are sulphated water, sodium, calcium, chloride and magnesium slightly. Odorless, colorless, slightly salty taste. Improve intestinal motility, are antiallergic-inflammatory, diuretic, antirheumatic, sedatives, etc.


We will continue way to arrive in time for lunch at our Lodge, situated within the Amazon jungle.

After lunch we will make the Tour Jumandi Caverns.

Dinner at the Lodge.

Cabin accommodation in Superior Tourist Class.


Día 4


After breakfast at the lodge, we will have a 4x4 ride. Then we will start descending to the river Misahuallí rafting.

Box lunch on the river.

After our experience rafting, we visit Misahaulli and do the tour Pizarro Route.

Dinner at the Lodge and Cabins Superior Tourist accommodation.


Día 5

Breakfast at the Lodge and departure to a complete route to Grand Canyon.

Box lunch-time.

Later, we visit the Zoo Noah's Ark , where we can see several species in extinction.

Return to Quito where we will stay again at the Kinde Raymi.

Día 6

After breakfast we are heading toward to the Cotopaxi National Park Reserve.

For the ascent to Cotopaxi Volcano, you will need a minimum day to suit the height since its peak is located at 5,943 m altitude.

We enter the Cotopaxi National Park Reserve, where we spend the day and we will acclimatize in Mountain Refuge José F. Ribas , at 4,800 m . Rest before the ascent to the top which will start at night.

It is important that the whole group is in good physical condition for the success of our goal, making to the top of Cotopaxi.

We start to climb at evening to reach the top with sunrise and descend before the equinoctial heat melts the snow. It could be dangerous while we are descending.

(All meals, lodging and transportation necessary, mountain guides and equipment).

Día 7

NOTE: The ascent of Cotopaxi is optional depending on the decision of each group from USA.  It is a route that requires a good physical condition. 7th day could be removed if the group wants to.

The morning of the 16th will be unforgettable for all of us. We have ascended to the second highest peak in Ecuador, after Chimborazo volcano, being also the Cotopaxi one of the highest active volcanoes in the world .

Lunch at the Cotopaxi National Park Reserve. In the afternoon, we return to Quito and if you are in good shape and strong enough, we can admire the beauty of the churches and museums in the city, Cultural Heritage of Humanity .

We will leave the mountains, forests, jungles and volcanoes of the Sierra and Ecuadorian rainforest to travel the next day to the last paradise on Earth; The Enchanted Islands, the archipelago of Columbus, better known as the Galapagos Islands.

That night we stay in the hotel in Quito and will be enjoying the rest of the day going to an iconic street of the city, La Ronda.

Día 8


After breakfast, we drive to the Mariscal Sucre Airport to fly to the Galapagos Islands.

Reception at Baltra Island.

At the airport in Baltra we expect the guides of the Galapagos National Park to cross the Channel Itabaca from where we take private transport to the town of Puerto Ayora before visiting one of the Twin Craters. (Ride)


Check in at the hotel.


In the afternoon we will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station.

First Class Hotel accommodation in Puerto Ayora .

Día 9

After breakfast, we will be on board the yacht Nautilus to navigate to one of the Galapagos Marine Sanctuaries, where people can do scuba diving and snorkel.

The Galapagos Marine Sanctuaries to be visited are:


Departure: 07:00 from our Dive Shop. Aboard the Nautilus from 08:00 to 14:00

Return: 15:00 Puerto Ayora (depending on the destination can vary the times of departure and return)

The sites are chosen among the best according to weather conditions, the passenger experience and logistics.

Lunch on board.

First Class hotel accommodation in Puerto Ayora.

Día 10


Breakfast at the Hotel.

Visit the famous beach of Tortuga Bay.

After lunch we move by boat from Santa Cruz to Isabela .

Welcome at Isabela .

Visit Flamingos´ Wetlands and Lagoons.

Superior Tourist Class Hotel accommodation.

Día 11


Breakfast at the hotel.

Walk to the Sierra Negra Volcano. (The World's largest active crater that can be visited)

Lunch during the tour.

Visit to Chico Volcano.

Snorkeling Tour at Concha Perla .

Superior Tourist Class Hostel accommodation.



Día 12


Breakfast at the hotel.

Kayak Tour in the sheltered coast of Isabela Park.


Mountain Biking tour on the top of the Isabela Island visiting the Pirate Cave Sucre.

Superior Tourist Class Hostel accommodation.

Día 13


Breakfast at the hotel.

Ground transportation to Isabela military airport.

Private plane transfer from Isabela to San Cristobal.

Reception at San Cristobal.

Visit to Lobería beach. (snorkeling tour).

After lunch, we will visit Interpretation Earth Center.

The Earwigs and Punta Carola tour

Superior Tourist Class Hotel accommodation


Día 14

Breakfast at the hotel.

Tour of diving in León Dormido

(Kicker Rock).

Dive with sharks in one place in the world.

Snorkeling tour for non-divers at Kicker Rock.

Lunch during the tour.

Visit Cerro Brujo beach.





Night dive to go a wreck over 100 years old.


Superior Tourist Class Hotel accommodation.


Día 15

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Airport San Cristobal.

Option A:

Transit to back home country.

Option B:

Reception at Mariscal Sucre Airport.

Farewell dinner in Quito´s downtown.

Accommodation in Kinde Raymi.

(Transfer to the airport 16th).

Journey's End.




NOTE: Endemica Tours specializes in custom travel, so at the request of each group may increase or decrease days and activities, especially diving activities we offer tours for up to 10 days of diving in the Galapagos.


Other options that we propose to add to your trip:

- Jungle Survival Course.

- Beagle Camps. (Ecological Training Camps in Galapagos).


If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact with us via or talk to the representative of your country: Yolanda Paredes (


If you are interested to know prices, contact us or talk to the representative of your country: Yolanda Paredes (




Included in the price:

* Accident insurance for all activities.

* Sports Teams for all activities.

* Entrance fees to museums and / or restricted areas.

* Meals described in proposal.

* Double rooms with breakfast in hotels and ecological Lodges Economy Class Economy Class and First Class Great.

* Private land and maritime transport.

* Tour guides and instructors certified diving and climbing.

* Dive Master.

* Tour Leader.

The price does not include:

* Airline tickets.

* Entrance fee to Galapagos National Park and municipal taxes islands

* Meals not described in the proposal

* Tax when applied (12%)





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